Jonathan Kane The Protector

Jonathan Kane The Protector 1.0

The only thing standing between these fanatics and Jennifer is you
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Packed with action, suspense, intrigue, love and betrayal, Jonathan Kane: The Protector is a searing first-person shooter featuring intense and visceral fire-fights combined with stunning stealth interludes. When faced with an immutable malevolence like the terrorist group, Scarlet Vengeance, you are the planet’s only hope for survival! The thrilling plot unravels through eye-popping in-game and cinematic cutscenes that immerse you in a living, breathing world where danger lurks around every corner.

The Protector centers on the exploits of two vastly different characters – hardened British mercenary Jonathan Kane and refined and beautiful US archaeologist Jennifer Guile. After a ten-year estrangement, the duo is reunited when Jennifer’s father – a leading archaeologist – is murdered by a new terrorist organization called Scarlet Vengeance, which plans to find and use a powerful Aztec artifact to destroy a historic Middle Eastern peace summit.

When the terrorists’ attentions turn to Jennifer – the only person alive who knows the location of the artifact – Kane is forced to protect her. Thrown together in extreme circumstances the duo must overcome their differences and us their unique skills to thwart the dastardly terrorist plot.

Their adventures lead them on a globetrotting journey through an eclectic range of locales, which range from the New York subway to the very heart of a stunning, mythical Aztec city. Unlike uninhabited worlds of many other shooters, The Protector environments teem with detail, life, and humor and are packed with civilians, commuters and workers with whom the player can interact.

As the danger escalates Kane and Jennifer learn more about Scarlet Vengeance’s plan, their old feelings for one another begin to resurface. But when an unexpected power intervenes in their quest, Kane is forced to choose between business and love in a climactic finale with two vastly different endings.

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